Friday, August 10, 2012

GUATEMALA 2012: (34) Standing In Empty Fields

Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.
~Matthew 9:37

We have now been back in the states for 5 days. When I contemplate all that has happened in these few days, it feels like weeks ago that I hugged and spun Kenya and Luis... and yet, when I close my eyes and remember that moment... my heart beats like I am feeling the embrace now. Time has lost all relevance.

I realized that my mind has been filled with: issues of funding, complications of stepping down at work, and the daily list of to do's... but then I understood that it is all just noise. God has called us to this mission and He will provide through those who know His heart. Kellie and I are being faithful on our part... and God is big enough to do the rest.

The important stuff has to shove aside simple fear and worry. I am so thankful that my friends on this trip have been posting pictures on Facebook. I now can see clearly those things that are important. This past week was simply epic.

How many things do we accomplish that we will really hold dear at the end of our days? I spent last week watching my family live out the evidence of their love of God. I watched my family feeding hungry children. I watched my daughter play and laugh with girls who have never seen a McDonald's, and and watched my son build a chicken coup for a family who has never cooked in a microwave. I watched my 19 month old daughter have flowers placed in her hair by a child who has never felt the love of being tucked in by her father at night.

My life was decorated with beauty as my children held the hands of children who were destitute, malnourished, and even infested. The most precious thing I have ever held is the small hand of a barefoot child. 

Do you know what it is like to receive a smile from a face that hasn't had food for a day? What if you only had a single meal to sustain you daily? How appreciative could you be for a plate of pasta and a cup of rice milk? If you were starving... you would be forever grateful. These kids eat for what equals less than a dollar a day.

I spend more than that on gum and coffee.

One of the four classrooms at Labor de Falle village school.
Can you picture a classroom with 20 hungry kids? What if I told you that your $20 bill could feed them all for a day. I have stood in that classroom... and I wish I had a forever supply of $20 bills. God does... His people hold them. You may even have one.

This is what it looks like to feed hungry children...

My son, Caleb

My daughter, Aleksandra

A guy in a hat

My wife & my infant daughter, Sterling
Of all the incredible things we did all week, this was the most important. And here's the coolest thing... you can be part of it too. We have feet on the ground... we just need people who are here in the states who can send down some cash.

$150 will feed the entire school for a week. If you break this down... each dollar you can toss their way will feed a single child for a week! The cost of a large coke at McDonalds will guarantee a child a hot meal for a week. I can barely wrap my mind around that concept. Can you spare even 5 bucks? Feed five children for a week.

Act now. Here's how:

Labor de Falle Feed The Children
(type "Labor de Falle Feeding Program
in the desciption)

Click that big link and put food directly in the mouths of children this week. Try it one time and see if it does not return to you. If you give... and you feel cheated, call me and we will meet for lunch. I will tell you my story.

I will pour the conviction of my experience into your heart. I am overflowing.

Me with Kenya... a major love of my life.

Sterling, a child of adoption among children of poverty.

Caleb & Luis... chalk drawings on the pavement.

I could sit here forever... quatro amigos.
Take the time now... punch that link and make a difference in the life of some incredible children.
Even 5 bucks makes an impact.

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