Saturday, August 4, 2012

GUATEMALA 2012: (31) The Dust of Truth

Life is not complicated. It is quite simple. We learn who we are by those who come before us. Simply put, we discover our story. We find how our story fits into our belief, and then we live out our belief. Every breath we breathe is an inhalation of the deep truths that have made us. Every puff out carries the fragrance of who we are.

We move to Guatemala because our greatest mission is our children. We find our deep truth in the peace of our belief here. We want them to see us living a life of faith. We want them to know the power of relying on God. Living out faith requires some risk. When you are required to measure the worth of everything around you, fear looses its teeth. Nothing compares to finding ourselves in the story of God.

I have seen giants of faith who live with the barest of possessions and I have seen champions of success who will die empty shells. Poverty can exist among extravagance, and I have felt the immeasurable worth of a life well lived with shoeless existence. The choice is not difficult. Give me my belief, my faith, and a footsteps that disturb the dust of truth.

My life, my possessions, and even those I love are not my own. My children belong to God. Our walk follows the dust of his sandals. These days that we are given are to be lived out with abandon. God holds the future and the outcome is His. The power of our story is greater than the worth of our everything. Should we lose it all, we still hold to His hand in the darkness. There is nothing that can separate that grasp.

This evening was breathtaking confirmation of our faith… again and again. Missionaries can serve for years to gain acceptance and trust with the people of the land. Within the past 24 hours I have exchanged hugs, tears, prayers, and words of devotion from those I consider the most significant in this place. Edgar Ramos, the man I first worked with in  June of 2010 and who first opened my eyes with his passion, faith, and devotion to family. Ramero Espana, who has taught me to mix concrete, mortar, stucco, lay block, cut roofs, and lead crews… and has shown me the value of nunca cansado (never tired) and uno mas (one more). And Fontaine Greene, whose steps of faith set everything in motion.

This week has prepared our way. We step onto the plane tomorrow knowing that we are part of the Catalyst Resources International team. We now make our final preparations and continue to prepare our hearts. We look forward to our work with the Christian Academy of Guatemala, short term mission teams, and what is to become our life’s work… caring for orphans.

June 2013, we are on approach. We will leave the dust of truth from the imprint of our steps.

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