Saturday, June 9, 2012

GUATEMALA 2012: (15) The Road We Travel

The road to the family we encountered this week.
The road calls to me from the dust. Tonight I  write from the desk at Mimi's House and I think of the incredible week that I have experienced. No matter how far ahead you may think you can see, our perspective is always a limitation to our vision. It has been wonderful this week to again place footprints in the earth of Guatemala. We have seen 4 families gain homes, hundreds become friends, 2 baptised, and many receive medical equipment and medication. We have danced with children, and held broken little bodies. We have been blessed with giant smiles on tiny faces that shined out past the pain. We have given until it hurts. We have abandoned pity and found compassion. What we have experienced has changed again our lives. My path is affirmed. Can you see it? This is my road... it is traveled by children, and those who teach me how to live as I help them survive.

More and more, this place is home to me. This is only my 4th week in the country, and yet I know that this place holds my future. When I picture my family a year from now... I see them here. It was incredible to see my son holding the hands of the boys of this village as we walked the paths. 

Tonight, children sleep in beds that have before slept only on dirt. The message of the love of God reverberates in minds as they contemplate what compels us to come. We have not saved the world, but we have added our ripple in the pond. 

Several years ago a husband and wife came to Guatemala to adopt children. They met a missionary family. This family then hosted the pastor of that adopting family for a week in Guatemala. That pastor then sent his church. That church invited others. A small child allowed her feet to be washed and inspired one of those members who then brought down another church group. Entire villages have been changed by this ever increasing ripple across the surface. Hope has arrived for many. The cycle of poverty has been shattered for children, and the message of God is the catalyst.

God has brought together these families with our own, along with many who have chosen to walk beside us all... to bring about generational change to the children of Guatemala.
Elementary School in Labor de Falle, Guatemala
This school now receives money to provide a healthy lunch to over 100 kids per day. This pediatric walker was delivered and now a young girl can walk across her classroom. I have seen the circles on the water enlarge even this week. I have seen perspectives shift as people realize the impact that slams their soul when belief is allowed to manifest to action. 

You can experience this. My words can not show your heart the depths of the need. Poverty like this is not in existence in America. And yet... I have never seen people more grateful. I have never seen such a deep love of God. I have never learned so much from others.

Pray big prayers. When is the last time you asked God for something that only He could deliver? Do you know what it feels like to truly depend on His intervention to see you through? Pray for something that can only be answered by God. Pray for something that will bring Him honor. Claim it. Pray through it. Walk towards it in faith. See what God will do.
Worship Service at Mimi's House~ with Breiel Church
I look forward to my return in July with our team from Journey Church, West Chester. Things are shaping up quickly for our move to ministry here. It is amazing to see God at work. Kellie and I have a vision for adoption that has grown from our own heart and experiences. I am in awe to see how God is working to make our path straight. Pray for us as we walk this road, we look forward to feeling the support of your hands as ours lift up the orphans in Guatemala.

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