Monday, June 4, 2012

GUATEMALA 2012: (10) Amigos

Truths are universal.
Truth #1: A common interest is a great place to start.

Truth #2: Adventure can be found anywhere.

 Truth #3: The road is better with a friend.

I wanted Caleb to come with me to Guatemala this week so that he could begin to understand why we are so intent on getting here. Experience is a powerful way to learn, and oftentimes our experiences even shape who we become. 

I have two main goals for him this week (unknown to him): to have a life-changing experience as he encounters the children in the villages outside of Guatemala City, and to make friends along the way. Tomorrow we head into the mountains to begin our mission for the week, and today was about relationships.

It was incredible watching my son interact with so many new people. He was fearless... introducing himself to so many unknown faces, and sharing the day building friendships. Among the many important steps we take in this transition, today was the among the most important. 

Caleb was able to meet the children of several different missionary families, and begin establishing relationships with the young adults that he will work alongside at the school he will attend.  I have no doubt that today was the start of several life-long friendships. I continue to be amazed and blown away by the converging plan that is now our calling.

Each day God is working to bring together His plan... and we are learning to trust and let go. Friendships continue to build and the potential of what can be becomes ever clearer. I too am so thankful to have such incredible people with whom to walk this path. 

The way is becoming apparent. The vision is scoping down to a laser focus. God is at work. 

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