Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reminiscence of Things To Come

The Spirit of Christmas Present has shown me the memories of the Spirit of Christmas Future.

Ebenezer... you've got nothing on me. I have seen the things to come, and I have stood in that place and reflected on the glow of today. We are absolutely wrapped in layers of convergence.... countless threads of individual life happenstances that are woven into this textile. Should you ever have an eternity to talk... let me tell you my story.

I can see the present weavings and I know where the lift and pull will settle into the larger fabric. I know that it is essential that we grasp each thread as we briefly press it between thumb and finger. These are the times that our souls will reach back to as we need to remember who we are... from where we have come... and why we are compelled to make the journey.

It is a powerful feeling to be aware of the significance of your days. Each and every thought seems to play out in my mind as a tangible ribbon that is lifted by the wings of the air. My perspective no longer has the ability to remain in simply today. My questions have changed as I understand that I am not choosing this path... I simply must yield my spirit to the unmistakable voice of God.

My choice is simple: accept the will of God, or follow the fate of Jonah.

It is no longer a question of timing... because this is God's timing. It is no longer a question of readiness... because God is always ready. It is no longer a question of the past... because God has paid that price. It is no longer a question of can I... because I already know that I can not, but God can.

My bona fides come from He who sends me. He is not limited to the likely vessel.

It is no longer a matter of answering the questions of men... it is now a matter of following the footsteps of my saviour. It is no longer a matter of how many plates can I spin... I am held steady by He who holds gravity and set in motion the universe.

And my soul is well.

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