Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sixth Grade Doodles

He is in 6th grade now. Oh man... I REALLY hated the 6th grade. I had a teacher named Mr. Weinger. Can you imagine the trouble my mouth got me into with that name? Mr. Weinger hated whenever paper was crumpled. So, naturally I had to crumple it whenever the mood struck me.

It struck me often.

I even developed a plan. Me and Jimmie and Darren. We sat in a triangle pattern and would randomly crumple a piece of paper... just a little... whenever his back was turned. It worked really well for a very few brief minutes.

I believe it ended with us all writing on the blackboard, "I will not crumple paper." That was a long 45 minutes.

I'm just sayin'.

NOT Mr. Weinger

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