Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GUATEMALA 2011: (11) Rain? We Laugh At Rain...

...its the monsoons, hail, and mudslides that send us running for cover.

We learned today that when the turkey heads for shelter things are about to get serious. No joke. I watched this happen three times. Tukey walking about in rain, and then suddenly makes a direct, straight line run to stand under the table. Each time this happened, violent rain and/or hail pounded us within 10 seconds. So, if you find yourself in Guatemala and see a turkey running in a straight line... I suggest you duck and cover.

Our goal today was to get both houses ready to roof for midday tomorrow. The storms halted our progress for 2 hours, and one of our trucks slid into a hole and required digging out. Nonetheless, both homes are very close to goal and tomorrow promises to be a good day.

Guatemala is in the rainy season, and the rain is a welcome break each day after several hours under the intense, direct sunlight. We have all learned that a bandanna under the hat, hanging down around the neck is an effective block of the sun's heat and rays. When clouds descend from the mountains and blot out the sun and soft rain begins to fall, the very taste of the air changes and the breeze sweeps through bringing new life to our energy level.

The group of us is tired tonight, the day was long... and the day was incredible.

As the storm landed the dust back to the earth, and the dirt on the ground began to form into streams of muddy water, I couldn't help but realize that at times the heat and sweat of our lives needs a good ole gully washer to clean out the distractions and focus us on what matters most.

As we waited out the storm, we had a chance to get to know two ladies and their children. We were able to share pictures and discuss the differences of life. I think we were all amazed to make this connection with these families. From their perspective... they are living in block and aluminum homes, on the side of a mountain, miles from a paved street, in one of the most impoverished nations in the world...

...and up pulls a couple of vehicles and out piles out a bunch of funny dressed and strange speaking people. And now here we are, sharing this incredible week together while we all contemplate how much the experience changes our lives.

Our View from the Worksite!
Hope and turkeys both have legs today... and both lead to a place of shelter.

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