Monday, June 18, 2018

A Public, Private Letter to Aleks: If We Were Morning Persons

Aleksandra, that expression was authentic gold. I had stood there in your doorway, unaware for just a few short moments before you looked up and caught me staring like a Monet aficionado at the Louvre. 

My daughter, if we were morning persons, I'd ask you to play softly and sing while the sun rises. You and I both know that we'd smash that thing together though if it made noise before 10. That's why this late afternoon moment was perfection.

I adored this past week, spending moments with you as we sipped coffee, iced pineapple, and shared some pretty banging omelets (yeah, I did that). Thank you for sharing your heart. 

Your mother and I have held you in our arms for nearly 15 years now, but there is a new level of connection when you engage back with us at a cognitive and spiritual plane. I am blessed more than I ever expected to be. 

-Your wildly loyal father.

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