Sunday, June 24, 2018

3 Vans | 1 Box Truck | 30 People | 2400 miles | 1 Purpose

Forget your plans. Don't worry about your schedule. It's ok if the job doesn't get done, or if you miss a meal altogether. You have 51 weeks this year of comfort, safety, and all-about-youness. 

No matter what you do this one week, just make yourself vulnerable to the other. Oh yeah, keep in mind that this week you are the stranger. There is so much for you to learn in this place. Feel a little discomfort. Experience some hunger. Lean into the tension. God is not found in the ease, He awaits you on the battlefied. 

A quick drive through Allen last night and I saw her. A little girl wandering alongside the road covered head to toe in mud. A clothe diaper was her only protection. No shoes, no shirt, and no-one there to hold her hand. She had fallen and the blood was dried, caked, and crimson on her face. 

Common here. Not shocking to anyone here. Just the norm. 

The vision of God is stronger here. Change that begins with the light of a single human pausing to meet and see another. Don't be afraid to love. Lean in to the voice of the Spirit. You are here for a purpose, for such a time as this. 

Look a person in the eye. Take a hand into yours. Give them something that you can't give up. Understand that the loss you feel is simply their everyday state of being. 

This trip isn't about us who have traveled. It is about authenticity. Loving God and loving neighbor as self. We all agree that the world needs more of this. So let's begin here.

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