Monday, July 20, 2015

Don't Worry Granny, I Ain't a Hells Angel: Antony has a Moto!

The Sheps mission has expanded further into university student internships and we've added a team member to our family. Antony De Leon has been with us as a tenant for the past year, and he just came on board as our Field Manager.

Along with translation, travel, and technology, Antony will handle daily business for our family and I felt led to promise him transportation. His family lives about 40 minutes away and we also wanted him to have the ability to visit them so he could love on his mom. 

After wrestling with God about how to possibly pay for a motorcycle (moto) for the past three days, last night in an act of frustration I posted a quick Facebook plea:

Ok all you Bikers... all you hog riding, red-blooded, leather wearing, gang-banging, steel-horse riders, the Shep family needs your help. We're bringing on our first Guatemalan staff member, and I need to provide him with a motorcycle. $1,400.00 will get us a brand new 150cc motorcycle. So... if you're part of a group, maybe a rally, a raffle, or a ride, here's you cause!

Within seconds of the post... I had a response.

Several years ago I worked for the Kroger Company as a Meat & Seafood Field Specialist. Part of my job was identifying employees who had innate leadership skills and were teachable. Beckey was a seafood clerk who met all the criteria. I was impressed with her positive attitude, work ethic, and ability to lead others.

She worked hard and within a few months received her new badge, "Seafood Manager." Over the past few years, Beckey has been promoted several times, first to Assistant Meat Manager, then to Meat Manager. Her promotions have taken her from small volume stores, to larger assignments. It has been a real joy to watch her progression and to know that I played a small part.

After I posted the bit about needing help with a moto, Beckey answered and said three short words, "I got you!"

At the same time she was responding, my mission director and friend, Fontaine, sent me a captionless picture of a vintage Yamaha 125cc. 

He told me that it was owned by a mutual friend and CRI associate, Pablo. The asking price was $500. I was musing as to whether Pablo might take $400, because I had exactly that in my desk, saving it for next month's rent. 

I messaged Beckey and told her that I had a lead on a bike, and I would like to offer $400. She immediately replied that she had exactly that amount, and if I could purchase the moto for that amount, she'd drop a check in the mail on Monday.

I messaged Pablo and after an exchange he agreed to the purchase price of $400. Sight unseen, the Shepherd family had gained the possession of a 1969 Yamaha 125cc moto. 

I continued to instant message Beckey and soon both of our minds were blown. Here's how it went down (me in blue):

It has been and continues to be an amazing confirmation of faith. Your response tonight is yet another affirmation from God.

And my reasoning for why I couldn't sleep and decided to get out of bed grab my phone and sit on the porch. All things happen for a reason

I never would have seen your post in the morning.
That's epic. You know... I've thought about writing that post for two days. I was going to write a blog but what I wrote was crap. So... I just fired out that Facebook post.

And I haven't really been on facebook the last few days haha

I was just laying in bed and shot straight up realized I wasn't going to sleep anytime soon and started Facebook up, you were the first post in my feed.

There was something significant that happened here. The moment that I simply yielded to obedience and made an honest admission that we needed help, God reached out to a young lady I had worked with in the past, shook her from her sleep, and allowed her to open Facebook just at the moment I pressed enter to send.

At this same time, Fontaine, Antony, and Pablo were active on Facebook, and a perfect exchange happened between 5 people that met everyone's needs.

This is the God I serve. This is how He works. This is the testimony of my life over the past two years... again and again and again. I never know how we're going to make it happen, I just feel the tug of God on my heart, and I take steps of blind obedience. 

God blesses our efforts when we're obedient to His voice. It's really just that simple. 

He didn't provide the $1,400.00 moto that I was dreaming of, but He did provide the $400.00 moto that I needed. 

Antony went and picked up the moto today, riding it back in the pouring Guatemalan rain. It's sitting under our awning tonight,and I am absolutely thrilled to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was provided by God. 

I do still have  few unknowns though... maybe you are the next provision that He has in store. 

The moto needs:
the clutch adjusted
some tail-lights replaced
the engine tuned up ($100 for tune up and repairs)
some body work and fresh paint ($100)

a new seat ($100)

And... to keep us legal:

Guatemala requires that every
moto rider wears a vest.
The cost is about $20.00

And there's this...
Antony needs a helmet.
About $100 will get him a very nice one.

Who's ready to jump in and be a part of this incredible story? We need you to get this classic moto operating legally and reliably. 

2016 is shaping up to be an incredible year. We have an official Guatemalan staff member that we love and trust, and he has a moto!

Be a part of this mission. Contact me today at, or comment on this blog, and let me know how you want to help.

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