Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Missionary Life on the Record ~ Take One

The Santa Rosa Ruins ~ Beside our Apartment
After completing our initial day of language school in Antigua we thought it would be nice to take a few photographs of the grounds of the apartment and the adjoining ruins. Santa Rosa is to our immediate east and is visible in the photo above. Santa Domingo is adjacent our location, the top of the ruined cathedral visible just over the south wall (pictured below).

Santo Domingo Ruin ~ Backside
We thought it would be a great idea to set the 10 second timer on the camera and capture a shot with both of us in the picture. And so I placed the camera in position and ran to Kellie for the photo... having instead set the timer on video.

What resulted was an authentic moment that brought a great deal of levity to an intense day of cramming information into our heads. Unfortunately I uttered the phrase, "dang-it" into the camera which isn't very misionero-like... but I think it adequately captures my gut-reaction to the moment.

Even though Sterling can be seen running in the background of the initial photo on this page, (which is indicative of her natural state) she of course was insistent that we photograph her as well, and so there (pictured above) she is.

At the end of the day we decided to step away from our usual meals of fresh fruits & vegetables, eggs, breads, and the daily pb&J sandwich and venture out for a pizza from a small but incredibly fragrant pizza shop.

One of the best moments of my life, at least until she pulls the beard.
This evening was back to studying spanish, preparing for our mission, and spending time with Sterling while the big kids are  spending time getting to know the other missionary kids... 

...and tomorrow will give us our second day of learning Spanish Guatemala style, and bring us another day closer to being back on the grounds at Catalyst Resources International, pursing this incredible mission of caring for widows and infants in their distress.

(And also allow time for me to purge the phrase, "Dang-it" from my vocabulary.)

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