Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day One

We are here. 

Our mission:

to keep our eyes laser focused 
on the will of God,

to keep our actions in line 
with our vision,

to love God with all our 
heart, mind, soul, strength,

to love our neighbor 
as ourselves.

God will handle the rest.

We are abundantly thankful to those who indeed share this moment and this life-long mission with us. 

Your prayers, your words of encouragement, your willingness to allow this place to bless your lives through your sacrifice… it is all every bit as important as a footprint on the ground.

We are thrilled and encouraged to be a part of this incredible team. 

Let's be epic together.

Here we go.

I can hardly wait to begin telling you OUR STORY.


  1. You all were on my mind all day yesterday. I said many prayers throughout the day and shared your story with a new friend. I can't wait to see how God uses you all to start changing lives!

  2. God bless your family in your new adventure