Thursday, February 14, 2013

GUATEMALA 2013: (5) Faith Has a Date and a Used Car!

1998 Chevy Blazer LS
Late this past December I was having a tough day. I had a list of names that I needed to contact about whether or not they would agree to be financial partners to our ministry. I had a pretty good idea of their answer… but I felt strongly that I should give them each one last chance to open up their lives to this miracle mission that is now our story. I had previously spoken to each of them and then sent them each a flyer with the heading, "Faith has a date and a price" in which I outlined our need for funds.

I had prayed for each and every one of them, and even had rehearsed what I would say, telling each of them how they had personally made a positive difference in my life. And so I made the calls… one by one the answer was not what I had hoped. I tried to keep it in perspective. I realize that I have to hear "no" a lot more than I hear "yes" in order to make this vision a reality.

Each person did promise to pray for us daily and I know that really is more important for our success. I was just frustrated that they wouldn't have the opportunity for God to bless their giving. Every time we have taken a chance and stretched our budget on faith… God has rewarded our obedience in a BIG way.

I hung up the phone after hours of conversations with nothing tangible to show for it. I was emotionally drained and it was pity party time for this failed, amateur fundraiser.

I decided to take a look at our account and to begin to tackle the next block of names that I felt God preparing me to call. To my shock, the total was different than I remembered. In fact, like a cheesy actor in a sitcom I even looked away and rubbed my eyes in disbelief. A family very dear to our hearts and mission had made a substantial end of year donation!

I began to weep and give thanks to God. He had honored my obedience and provided His blessings through His people who were willing. I was so thankful that I had been obedient and made those calls. I am convinced that God waited for my obedience before He moved the hearts of those who gave and the money hit our account.

Over a month later I awakened to a Facebook message on my phone from Catalyst Resources International director, Fontaine Greene. A missionary acquaintance of his was leaving Guatemala and had a car to sell. It was in great shape, with solid maintenance records, and at a very fair price. Several families were interested in it, but it seemed if I moved fast I might have dibs.

We have a fundraiser that is planned for April 12th in order to raise funding for a 4WD SUV that we hope to purchase before we leave in June. We hadn't even considered that we might be able to afford a second vehicle. Our ministry could be so much more effective if we did though! I commented that I wished we could buy it this Blazer as a secondary vehicle if we only could afford it.

And then I remembered that day in December and the donation! A few frenzied emails later I had made an agreement to purchase the vehicle that involved multiple people and three agencies! I messaged Fontaine back news that the deal was done and he replied with a simple comment that still has me smiling, 

"Faith has a date and a used car!"

Indeed it does. And faith has wheels! We now have a tangible object waiting for us in Guatemala! May this be a reminder to us to always be obedient to the voice of the Father.

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  1. Wow! That's about all we can say. It's amazing to see the other side of the story!!!

    My husband and I posted our vehicle up for sale, with a little over a month in anticipation of our move, because we really had no idea how long it would take to sell it. Back in 2011 I had put up the Blazer on Intermissions because I was going back to the States to plan our wedding and we really didn't know where we were going to live. I only had a couple of responses from the people from the Intermissions Community and in all reality, they just wanted a little more information...but they really weren't that interested in it. So we decided to keep the Blazer, which was a complete God thing because we ended up staying in Guatemala after wedding and really needed the car. But this time around, we were afraid that it could take awhile to sell based on our past experience. But God totally surprised us!!! The email went out to the Intermissions community at almost midnight on Friday night and by Saturday morning and we had received several emails from people that seemed quite interested and wanted to come look at the car. Among the emails was yours. I remember reading it and I pretty much laughed out loud and was like...."What????!!!!!!!" My husband was sitting right next to me and he asked me what was going on. I turned to him and read your email back to him, let's just say that he pretty much had the same reaction. We just couldn't believe it. As I started to respond to your email, in utter disbelief (to be honest), I received a call from Fontaine telling us that he knew someone that was seriously interested in the vehicle. I told him that I knew and that I was actually in the process of responding to you. Anyways, throughout the day there were emails back and forth, each one coming closer to becoming reality and our disbelief changing into belief. By the end of the day we had sold our car. In one of the emails you said to us "This was a Godsend." and believe it or not, that was EXACTLY how we felt.....well, how we still feel. We are blessed beyond belief and can see how God is just putting everything together on our end....and by reading your blog, we can see that He's seeing doing the same for you guys!!! Our God is sooooo good!!!!

  2. Juan & Victoria,

    I just read that email to Kellie and she cracked up. It was so abrupt and funny! I typed it as fast as I could and hit send. I was worried someone else would snatch up the car, then I worried that it was rude and you would be offended! I told Fontaine that I feared I had forgotten all of my training and I had responded like a rude American. Oh my. Of course, it all worked out!

    Here is my initial email:

    "I want to purchase. My family and I are moving from the U. S. to work with Fontaine and Paula Greene this Spring. I can transfer funds Monday. Is this agreeable?"

    God is our Provision!