Thursday, February 7, 2013


A great deal of my time lately has been spent on creating posters, flyers, and mailers that get out the word on our mission in Guatemala and how others can help us fulfill our dream and calling of a Home for Abandoned Babies.

I realized that I can now add Advertising to my recently expanded resume' of evangelist, block-layer, carpenter, and fundraiser… but I was afraid that MADMAN (a spoof off of AMC's MADMEN about an advertising agency) might just send out the wrong vibe.

I thought this more fitting.
When I share with people about how we have sold our belongings and that we are moving to Central America with no salary or wage and that we will be dependent on the provision of God through the obedience of His people… they often are shocked by the concept.  

Our Initial Mailer: A refrigerator Magnet.
The other night I even found myself in the home of well-meaning people who were trying to convince me to sell energy on the Internet to my friends and relatives as a source of income. I was saddened by the gesture.
Our December Mailer: Pledges at 50%
There is room in our ministry for many to join us. Each person who offers up a prayer or sends to us a dollar is taking part in this great commission… this call to put faith to action. 
Our January Mailer: An overview of our Mission
Each and every one that walks with us does so in obedience to God and will receive blessings from Him in the form of His promises of peace & joy that come from the content of our souls rather than the context of our situations.
Announcing our Fundraising Concert Event
And so… here are a few of the signposts that I have set up along the way for those who are willing to have their eyes opened and their lives changed. I pray that they speak to you.

Our latest challenge was to develop a 5 minute presentation to quickly tell an audience: who we are, what we abandon, what we pursue, why we do it, and how you can join us.

We pour out our hearts to all we encounter. This is true religion.

This is our calling… each and every one of us is part of this greatest of stories.

To join our mission today:

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