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GUATEMALA 2012: (22) Glimpses of Our Way

Aleksandra in the C.A.G. Cougar's Gymnasium
Welcome to the Christian Academy of Guatemala

In the fall of 2013, Caleb will enter in the 8th grade and Aleksandra will begin in the 5th. We spent the morning touring the 8 acre campus, exploring the primary school, the secondary school, the administrative building, the playgrounds, library, science lab, art hall, chapel, soccer field, and massive gymnasium. We were absolutely thrilled with the size and beauty.

The school is nestled among mountains, flowering trees, and palms. We learned that the school has sent graduates to both Harvard and Yale, along with many other respected universities. The student body is diverse with children from all over the globe, and small enough that camaraderie and community are key strengths.

Our kids were thrilled and excited to begin. The hardest part is waiting nearly a year before we get here. They even offer a day care for infants!

Each of our kids found their place as we toured the campus:

Caleb in what will be his 8th Grade classroom
Aleksandra in what will be her 5th Grade classroom

Sterling is convinced that this should be her classroom!
 Here are just a few more glimpses of this amazing campus...
view through a class window 
elementary playgrounds

campus view & outdoor hall
Outside approach to gymnasium
Best soccer field in the city!
A Vocabulary Lesson

To our delight, some insider missionary jargon and secrets were shared with us today. We learned the names given to local streets and landmarks used by the missional community:
  • Big Tree Road (a main street that has a very big tree)
  • Dog Street (a main street that has many dogs for sale)
  • 3 for 10 Street (a main street that features 3 pineapples for 10Q
  • The Boulevard (the main road in San Cristobal)
  • Big Taco Bell (near the business plaza)
We also learned the Zones of several essential locations:
  • Zone 14: dentist, orthodontist, salon (near Big Taco Bell)
  • Zone 10: safe shopping district
  • Zone 1: underground market, Presidential Palace
Some things seem to make sense, and others are simply things that must be learned, such as knowing that the main level of a garage is labelled PB (still not clear as to why). There is great adventure in learning even the simplest of things!

Convergence & Provision!

We also have met several families who are also missionaries here and have children near the same age as ours! It was a genuine pleasure getting to know the Cherry family & the Harmon family today! I have met more incredible people that I can even recall! I hope if they read this... they extend me some forgiveness in the days to come.

Even more so... it has been incredible today to spend time with Fontaine & Paula. Sterling loves them both! She cracks us up with laughter as we watch her run to them with waves, smiles, and blown kisses. It is amazing watching our 3 kids meld with the girls here at Mimi’s House. Language is no barrier. It already feels like we have been here forever and we simply belong.

Today we were able to get a glimpse of a possible property that would perfectly meet our needs. Sharing our vision with the Greene’s has been a series of amazing conversations. The way our heart’s desire has been intertwined with theirs is a clear signpost from God.

We talk of children that are available for adoption. We have already heard incredible stories of unforeseen roadblocks that were swiftly met with provision as steps of faith were taken. We stand together believing that God is in this… even though we can not always see the clear path. Our hearts are quickened and our faith is bolstered.

I look forward to sharing our part in this mission with more friends, family, groups, and congregations when we return. What an incredible partnership we are forming. God indeed can use ordinary people to accomplish the extraordinary.

The wind blows down from the mountains tonight and whispers through the surrounding trees. Lightening softly rolls down from pacaya and lights up the dark horizon. Rain is coming our way tonight, and the Spirit of God likewise has blown across our faces.

Tomorrow our full team from Journey joins us. We stand on the eve of an incredible week, and the ledge of our forever.
A ledge can be viewed with fear
or seen as a place from which to fly.
Faith gives us wings.

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