Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Twilight's Last Gleaming: by Air

Sometimes you've just gotta find that place to soar above it all. We stand at the peak of our three-month furlough with our days as foreign missionaries behind us, and an endless horizon up ahead. This past week in Denver has reminded us  that this time is intentional, our days together are precious, and our path is surely guided by the Spirit of God.

Jason Lee message on WORSHIP (audio)
Where the Streets Have No Name
Life is worship. Praise is like the roar of a lion, declaring that all who are within the sound of my voice are subject to my influence. With all the competing sounds of the world, there is no better time than now to blast out a forceful declaration that God is worthy and He alone is Holy. I stood at the close of the service at Bear Valley with tears running down my face as I allowed the peace of God to fill me once again.

Earlier in the week we paused to remember the students and teachers who lost their lives at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. We read about the great legacy of students who believed in God, and even chose death rather than deny their faith.

We also read the words of survivors, reminding us that each day is meant to be shared together, and that each breath we take is a great gift: to be lived, to make a difference, to embrace each other.

Surely, for each of us these days can be lived to honor those who have died in the name of God, of faith, and even of country. My love for this nation has grown over the past week and I believe that as we walk by faith, we are a shining light in the gleaming of the twilight. There is still good left here.

Something began to heal in me as we walked with the Lee family along St. Mary's glacier. It was if the presence of God found us in the heights of the Rockies. The last three months of intentional rest have produced a calmness in our spirit, and a closeness that we've not felt before as a family. I think we've been able to look doubters, uncertainty, naysayers, and convention directly in the eye... and learned to laugh. 

Fear is a paper tiger. To walk in the Spirit is to roar like a lion. 

This is our time to survey the land and roar. We are where we are out of obedience. Our steps have been intentional, thoughtful, and have landed us right where we need to be. God continues to unfold His will for our lives as we whole-heartedly chase each step. I love that we've been transparent with each pursuit. There have been closed doors, disappointments, and confirmations given at times by a spoken, "No." 

And still we have no regrets. We give thanks for the labyrinth of secret chambers, unseen turns, and winding exploration that discovers a singular destination through this foreordained excursion. While the turns may seem unexpected, each step is necessary to arrive at the center.

And so, as these days continue to find us entering new territory, we do so with deep thanks to the Spirit of God that has guided us so far. Our plan is to continue searching for the stardust wonder of the Spirit, even through days of kicking sand on the land, feeling the pull of the deep waves of the sea, or even standing on the heights of the air. 


Where shall I go from your Spirit?

    Or where shall I flee from your presence?

If I ascend to heaven, you are there!
    If I make my bed in Sheol, you are there!

If I take the wings of the morning
    and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,
even there your hand shall lead me,
    and your right hand shall hold me.

 ~From Psalm 139

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