Friday, July 29, 2016

Shawn David Jerry Gonzalez: BEAR VALLEY (Our Final House as CRI Staff)

Our final week in Guatemala we get to go out like we first experienced it, a one week mission experience with Catalyst Resources International. 

God's timing is amazing. Our family has been affirmed over and over that we are following His path. This week has been extra special as we've been able to step back and enjoy the week as members of Bear Valley Church. 

The foundation was completed as pre-work, and our team meets the family for the first time as we begin the work.

My friend from Anderson University, and pastor at Bear Valley Church, Jason Lee, begins the construction with a heartfelt, and anointed prayer.

Meet Aleksandra and Janna. They didn't know it, but God somehow created them as twins. It has been absolutely hilarious to watch them as they operate like a single girl with a mirror. My daughter has always liked to see herself in a mirror, now she has a friend that does just that. 

Within a few days... things developed to this exchange.

And... although she was only two when we first moved to Guatemala, Sterling was able to drive her very first nail, contributing to the family's new house.

The Lee family has become quick friends to our family. Without a doubt these experiences have contributed to another new foundation, and who knows where God will again cross our paths?

Together we raised walls and created some shelter and shade... even the old grandpa dog rested comfortably under these blessings that God has provided.

The Lee family is, ah... creative in problem solving. There simply was never a nail out of reach. 

Janna and Aleksandra may have created a new craze in Villa Nueva. Their secret handshake has gone viral. 

The twins were able to lend some assistance to Antony, who had developed a couple of gray hairs during the week. He no longer has them.

Jason had a temporary stint as a clothing model in Panajachel. This may seem surprising, but it is common for folks to end up broke here and need to find another way to earn a living. We were relieved that this was all he had to do.

Our day in Pana was made perfect with a boat ride on Lake Atitlan. Of course the twins were in top shape.

Another gray hair? He doesn't seem to enjoy this as much as before. I'm not sure if he really had so many gray hairs? After he was nearly bald and ran out into the rain to escape them, the twins added lyrics to their secret handshake.

Shawn David Jerry Gonzalez, who was once a small boy without a home in Villa Nueva, Guatemala... now has a house where he can sleep in a bed a night, behind a locked door. He can go to school and even come home to find a small desk under a window where he can do his homework.

Shawn David's life has dramatically changed... through the help of a couple of old friends, a mission, a church, and two identical friends.  

Shawn David... we owe you our thanks for bringing our team together for this final tour of Guatemala. Like you, we're all stepping out into new things. And, Shawn David... P.S., you're about to be known to hundreds of people across the United States. We promise to continue to pray for your family. Grow up and shake the world, little man.

Even Edgar Ramos LOVES Jason Lee.

CRI, thank you for this final week. I'll see you again soon, and I'll bring new friends. 


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