Sunday, May 10, 2015

We have a Bidet in our Bathroom

We've never spoken of it, not even to each other. It sits in our bathroom next to the always overflowing wastebasket, toilet plunger, and broken towl bar that I've neglected to fix since September, as some sort of silent monster in the corner. I had to Google how to even spell it's name. 

This thing was a joke of childhood. It sits here on top of cracked tile as some sort of poetic contrast against the poverty of a nation. There was once a family of means that lived in this house, and misfortune for them provided opportunity to forward the Kingdom of God with us. This sets with unease in my mind. I am aware of the critical nature of our existence. We are called to fear God and act in obedience. This is how we are covenant people.

The abandoned trappings of wealth are a reminder that what we hold is temporary.

Concrete walls, unscreened windows, steel security doors open to recovering courtyards seem to represent the work that God is doing through us... restoring relationships and connecting His children. Kellie and I are becoming catalysts that God uses to advance His kingdom. We are amazed when we stop to see what He is doing... and allowing to pass through our hands.

I feel like an abandoned bidet... people ask me these questions of substance: "what is your primary role in Guatemala" or " what is the central focus of your ministry" or "where do you see yourself in ten years?" I haven't a clue. We wake up every morning with a simple prayer, "God, please use us today. Help us to fear you alone, and to be obedient. Send us opportunities to advance Your kingdom today."

We are servants. We give thanks to stand in this place. Every single day offers us unexpected turns. We are standing beside giants in the faith. We bumble though this existance without exception, in pursuit of the face of God. There simply is no greater goal. Life is day to day. We exhausted our life savings last January. God has provided through our brothers and sisters, and even through some folks who don't even know Him. 

All I can tell you... is that there is something to faith. There is something to true belief. There is something to abandoning all your cares to the one true God. He is Yahweh. I know Him. I want you to meet Him. 

We have a bidet in our bathroom. I think I'll try to turn it on this week. Who knows what kind of post you may read next? Hopefully there will be no pictures... or reports of medical intervention.

I find myself contemplating a bidet in the wee hours of the night. I could sleep, but I find myself awake giving thanks for the road we've travelled. We could have said, "no." We could have missed these days. Praise God we were just wild enough to say, "yes." 

There are big things in store here. Pray with us as we move forward through our days. We remain willing, even when the means just aren't apparent to us. I have a $1,200.00 bill on my desk for my summer classes. I don't have a clue how I'll pay for it. But I know from experience that God will provide it. The plan He has for my life requires it. He requires my obedience. I've completed 5 semesters of classes. It has not been easy, and we've made sacrifices. Still... I am aware that God has covered every cent. I don't owe a dollar. 

He won't abandon me now.

Journey Church has a tremendous opportunity through a community partnership. Pray with us. God is providing an open door for us to make a permanent footprint on this land. My relationship with Christian American School deepens. I am keenly aware that God has me here for a purpose. 

Sometimes we sit like abandoned appliances in a cold broken tile bathroom... and still, God has us here for a specific reason. 

Wherever you are, open your eyes. God has placed a purpose before you. I am here tonight, contemplating a bidet... so that this message reaches your heart.

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