Monday, July 21, 2014

Walking through the Valley

Anderson University | the valley

She runs through the valley like time on fast approach. Arms flailing and staccato laughs as she pink-shoes across the grass.

I consider my own four year sprint through these grounds as I desperately pursued direction in the shadow of the theology school. I was sure I was aimless, but those years prepared me for such a time...

Eternal Flame | outside of Decker Hall
I am drawn deeply to this place. I hope to contribute to it some day. I feel powerfully drawn to the legacy that founded it and a degree of accountability to see that the horizon remains level with the foundation. 

Helios |  in front of Hartung Hall

I smile, realizing the distance we've covered since Kellie and I were undergrads on this campus. We laugh as we recount the unveiling of this fountain. It is surreal to see Sterling reach across the sunlight and ripple the surface.
Adam W. Miller Chapel  |  Stained Glass

A distant touch on the veil of our souls still creates concentric rings in our own lives. This place shaped us. Truth imbedded within seems to resonate stronger with the proximity of our origins and the convergence of our path.

There is a peace here where Russia, China, and Guatemala all run home. This day is just a simple handshake and soul refuge. 

Garden  |  outside of Byrum Hall

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