Saturday, December 28, 2013


Bald is no more. It is time for something new. I never have appreciated half measures. This should come as no surprise to those who know me, or even to those who have observed me from a safe distance.

I lived life as a bald man for 30 months. Overall it was quite the positive experience. I felt distinguished, I felt bold, I felt unique. Somehow it helped me face giants during a difficult time in life. I tip my hat to the bald. You rock.

This time in life calls for a new adventure in hair. Having experienced life as a bald man in society, now I embark on a mission to live life long. I was first inspired by this man… 

Cullen Bohannon, lead character on AME's Hell On Wheels.
"What you suppose the Lord's gonna think about a man like me?"
After all… he wears a hat and I love the grit and tenacity of his character. I love that he lives by his beliefs and he lives by them no matter how great the challenge. He inspires me.

Realistically, I will never have the wavy flowing mane which Mr. Bohannon frontiers through the west. Mine is very straight, unapologetically so. I have spent most of my life despising it's stubborn straightness. Now the time has come for me to embrace it.

It seems that long hair has been done well recently though. While I know my mug is a far cry from this gent, he does give me a path (and I also respect the sunglasses).

Besides, bald gets your head sunburned a lot. I live in Guatemala now. I figure it is natural sunblock.

It's gonna take a while. From the starting point of bald, I've been growing it since the beginning of September. Progress so far… about 1.5 inches (or 3mm).

Hair we go!


  1. 1.5 inches are 76 mm!

    1. Mattias! Thank you for the correction, it certainly wasn't 3mm like I stated. Perhaps I am still confused, but when I do a conversion of 1.5 inches, I am coming up with 38.1mm. Is that correct?