Thursday, August 1, 2013

Well Fed Puppies

I care not much for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.
-Abraham Lincoln
I sat there on the top of that concrete wall a good 10 minutes. The sun fell warm on my shoulders as I remembered Labor de Falla from the first time I saw it.

There was no medical clinic, no dental clinic, no lunches provided by donors, no WiFi computer lab, no fence around the perimeter, no freshly built wooden houses.

Today I looked out and I saw women who could see a doctor, children who could have a tooth fixed... a warm meal eaten, skills gained for a chance to break generations of poverty, and safe places to sleep.

I could see the results of true religion being lived out through the loving and giving of so many who had come so far. People who had been resourced through the mission and story of God. 

It was then that I noticed the dogs. Even the dogs looked healthier. When your children are starving, you don't throw food to dogs.

Now I see some dogs that are well fed... and I even see puppies.

I watched the bright eyed children playing. I saw them eat their lunch. I saw a sparkle in their eyes that shouted a single word to my understanding... hope.

Yes, hope has arrived in the villages of Cerro Alto & Labor de Falla. If someone ever tells you that you can't change who you are... that you can't change fate... then I invite you to come and see evidence to the contrary.

Come and watch forever change at the turn of a key.

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