Sunday, April 7, 2013

GUATEMALA 2013: (11) An Update for the Curious

Sterling hunting Easter Eggs

65 days before launch, here is the life of a missionary…

All our furniture is either sold or is in the process of being sold. We own no appliances, we sleep in borrowed beds, wash our clothes in our parent's machines, our cars are spoken for, and we still need a few suitcases.

Aleksandra on the first full day at Grandmother's

We spent an amazing 10 months with my parents and now we have moved to Kellie's parents to spend the final 10 weeks. I am so thankful for their kind and welcoming hearts.

I have 20 days left until I walk away from my career (12 working days) and we have 65 days until we buckle our safety harnesses and go wheels up on that flight over the Gulf of Mexico.

Our support hovers somewhere around 95% and we wait to see what it actually looks like when faith meets reality. 

My Son, Caleb working through all of the changes...
We understand deeply that this is a mission of faith: it requires faith that we step out into the unknown holding the hand of God as our only security, and also a full reliance on the provision of God through His PEOPLE on our funding.

Simply put… it goes like this, we are stepping out on faith with the belief that as long as we follow the path of God, He will provide our needs through His people. 

If we are following His will… well, then the money will come.

We are telling our story. We are putting ourselves out there. The rest is between God and the folks who hear our message. Our mission is bigger than the people of Guatemala… it extends to everyone who hears our heart.

Yes, we will lift up orphans and love these who we all call, "the least of these" and still… we know that each person who walks with us… has struggles and poverties of their own. 

We have them too.

And we face them with JOY!
This is our mission of embracing our faith. Of living our belief… and simply of following the path of the One who has saved us. Nothing compares to the promise of a God willing to be crucified at the hands of His creation. 

With joy we step into these final days… reconciled to the path of a God who created us.

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