Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kickin' It With Job

Caleb & Aleksandra both successfully tested in tae kwon do today, Caleb earning a level 5 green belt and Aleks earning her level 4 blue. It thrills me to see them both excel together in this sport. We have endured tee-ball, soccer, basketball, dance, and cheerleading... all being utter disasters! To my great relief, both kids find meaning and enjoyment in martial arts. I love watching them gain strength, flexibility, and learn effective self-defense techniques. The discipline required as they study and practice has been beneficial to each of them. For the first time they are beginning to understand how a brother and sister can help each other out to reach mutual goals and accomplishments.

They are finding the value in striving for things that last. They are discovering the worth of pressing forward through difficult and even sometimes painful experiences to reach a goal. They are beginning to see that even when the way gets difficult, or you even accidentally get kicked in the face... they have capability and endurance to see it through. 

Today was my first day off in 9 days and I spent the majority of the day struggling through Biblical studies as part of my path to ordination with the Church of God. I found myself contemplating the words of Job to God when he first discovered that he had lost everything in a day. I picked up a pen and wrote the words out on paper because I wanted to feel the shape and form of each letter. I wanted it to burn into my memory.

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb,
And naked shall I return there.
The Lord gave, and theLord has taken away;
Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

He went from the wealthiest man alive to having nothing but the remains of his children and his wife who was ready to spit at God and die. I think she reacted like most of us would. In his great sorrow, Job worshipped God. This life isn't about us... it is about God. The power, the grace, the kindness, the goodness of God was not changed a single speck by our circumstance.

Job could have cursed God... but he would have been throwing away the only thing he had left (which happened to be his most valuable treasure). His relationship with God and eternal salvation. No matter what the circumstance... the most valuable thing we have can only be lost if we willingly throw it away.

I am in awe of the integrity and character of Job. When life was good he lived a just life. When life was beyond bad he held to his beliefs. He knew who he was and his character didn't change because it was grounded in something much bigger than himself or circumstance.

I hope to raise children of character. I am desperate to instill in Caleb, Aleksandra, and Sterling deep truths that will allow them to see beyond themselves... beyond the pain, beyond the unfairness, beyond the cold when the wind blows. Strength to stand when life is difficult and sagacity to hold to belief when the wind blows warm.

God is the same always. Our relationship with Him is the only thing that endures. It is the eternal part of each of us. 

Invest your days in things that will last. I am thankful for these green and blue belts on my 2 oldest children. For me... it is a representation of the character that grows in their souls.


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