Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This is JERICHO: (5) My God is with me

March 2, 2012: 10:34 PM - Circle 5
SHOUT,  God has given you the city!  ~Joshua 6:15-17
The grass made a wet crunchy sound with each step that I carefully placed heel to toe. The sky was immense tonight, countless stars witnessing my outward expression of inner faith. Tonight was the fifth circumnavigation of our Jericho. 

My mind tonight took on the characteristics of the night. The crisp air seemed to crackle through my intake and added life to my breath. The moon, in its waxing gibbous phase is a mere five days away from full. I could see the shadow of my passing as the moonlight outlined my silhouette. I watched as it followed me, shifting sides as I made 90 degree turns at the corners. At my third turn, my shadow jumped to the surface of the brick, and for a moment I saw the burn image of Joshua on the shattered walls of the city.

My God is with me.

Walls of Jericho Shine Bright
I have read the story of Joshua each night. Two things jump out... God parted the waters again for the Israelites. I had never noticed that before. And, God was not limited by our concept of time as a sequence of events. God informed Joshua that the city had already been delivered... and then God sent him to obedience school. It seems that patience and obedience are necessary traits for our discovering that God has already delivered us.

Kellie and I stood in the middle of the kitchen and held each other late this morning. Just a simple, but sincere embrace. It was like cool water on a hot day. We continue to do what we can each day, act in obedience even when our emotions are scuffed in the dirt, and rest in the knowledge that God waits for us with his provision.

We are now fully set up with our Missions Organization, Commission To Every Nation (CTEN). All our funding will go through them, and in fact some already has arrived. Although we are a year away from our move, we already are gathering what we need. The transition is in full swing. We travel to CTEN in Kerrville, TX mid June to attend a 3 day training regimen and receive our commission. This involves plane tickets, a hotel, and car rental. Our costs look to be about $1400 for the trip. We have purchased Rosetta Stone so that we can now begin to practice Spanish together. Many of you have expressed that you want to partner with us.

We encourage you to prayerfully check out our agency now. Click the link below and you can see a brief bio and our vision, along with a tab that allows you to contribute if you want to walk with us. We will need your support. Please prayerfully consider beginning to support us now. Within the next year we need to raise enough funds for our airfare as we make arrangements, as well as purchase a 4x4 vehicle that we can send down.

<< Click HERE to find out more >>

In addition to setting up our lifeline, we are also actively taking steps of obedience to locate tenants for our home. We need to either rent it out, or lease to purchase. Below is a PDF copy of the flyer that I am posting on social media as well as on local real-estate boards. Should you know of anyone looking for a home near Dayton or Cincinnati Ohio, please link them to this information.

And so, we have taken a breath from the anxieties of yesterday, refocused our eyes on the path that God has shown us, and we have taken action on the things we can do. We are confident that God has handled the remainder. 

We remain obedient to the vision that He has given to us. Tomorrow night will be the sixth night of a single walk around our Jericho. Wednesday night is coming. We will sound our trumpet (courtesy of Caleb) and we will give a MIGHTY SHOUT, because we believe that God has delivered us the city.

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